Joining TMETC

Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) is an engineering research and development centre that has expertise in design, engineering and the development of products for the automotive industry. The team is based at the University of Warwick in Coventry and works in synergy with the Tata Motors Engineering Research Centre in Pune, India, to provide the best vehicles and experiences that excite our global customers.

With a wealth of knowledge and involvement in the engineering of every system within a vehicle, TMETC has expertise in design, body and trim craftsmanship, powertrain and driveline, chassis, ride and handling, systems integration and electronics, legislation and homologation, and manufacturing and production engineering.

TMETC is passionate in hiring only the best engineers and we strive to ensure there is a range of career options open to our engineers, with opportunities to specialise in a particular area or to progress to senior engineering roles with supervisory responsibility. So, if you are passionate about cars and have the desire to engineer and design the cars of the future, TMETC is the perfect employer for you.

A word from Carole Howells, TMETC's HR Manager

"TMETC is almost unrecognisable compared to the small company that I joined in September 2005 as the second employee. It was a long and often difficult journey to set up brand new policies, procedures and the best way to do things for the company, especially with the limited resources available to us when we were first established.

"From those humble beginnings TMETC evolved, and we slowly built up the company, establishing new IT servers, emails and computer systems. Today, TMETC has over 250 staff, occupying two floors in the International Automotive Research Centre on the University of Warwick campus together with the facilities needed for an automotive engineering company at two other locations, including design studios and a vehicle test and development workshop.

"TMETC aims to employ, train, develop, and retain excellent people and to be an employer of choice. One of the difficulties in attracting new recruits is the relative lack of brand awareness of Tata in the UK, with the majority of people having heard of Jaguar Land Rover but unaware of the existence of TMETC, for example. However, in the space of 10 years TMETC has quietly established itself as a serious and capable automotive R&D company in the UK, with employees from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

"The right people for us are those who question what they are doing and why, not just those who follow the process as written, without ever thinking that there might be a better way of doing things. We are a small company and cannot afford to recruit people with every skill in the book. Our employees are multi-talented and enjoy doing a breadth of work that will simultaneously be challenging and rewarding.

"With this in mind, to sum up TMETC in three words I would choose proactive, challenging and heart-warming. We are proactive in that we decided to invest in new engineering talent and take on university graduates in June 2011, with our first intake being in September 2011, to a fully accredited IMechE scheme. TMETC also offers many opportunities for challenges and development of our staff.

"I would say heart-warming, as I have had the pleasure of seeing our staff be promoted, have families and become mentors to younger people, and all within a company where people still meet as a whole team for information cascades and who know each other as people rather than names on an organisation chart.

"The next three years are going to be very exciting at TMETC, with the development of our new centre of excellence, the National Automotive Innovation Centre. We are aiming to get young engineers in at the beginning of their career and develop them through to degree level. I look forward to the next stage in TMETC's evolution."