LowCAP-The Low-Cost Auxiliary Power Unit

The concept

Many Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) concepts have been proposed, including all-new engine types and small conventional engines.

LowCAP is based on an adaptation of an existing Tata gasoline engine using maximum possible carryover of standard production parts and retaining full process compatibility with existing high-volume engine assembly facilities. It is the generator and power electronics alone that have been specially developed.

LowCAP also enables low cost integration, achieved by a common coolant loop shared by the engine, generator and power electronics.

LowCAP specification
  • Tata Motors 2 cylinder 624cc gasoline engine
  • Ashwoods low-cost liquid cooled generator
  • Integrated liquid cooled inverter
  • Integrated engine, generator and power electronics cooling system
  • Electrical power output 20kW @ 4,000rpm 23kW @ 5,000rpm
  • Minimum Electrical Specific Fuel Consumption (ESFC) 265g/kWh @ 2,500rpm (10kW)
  • Mass (dry) 81.5kg (prototype)
  • Operating voltage of 350-450V
  • Meets Euro 6 emissions levels
  • Bespoke intake and exhaust system (including close-coupled catalyst)

Expanding the product range

Continuing the ethos of basing products on existing engines and systems, Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) is looking to expand the range of APUs available, plus encompassing E-drives, maximising common part sharing and reutilisation to achieve economies of scale and reduced development costs. TMETC can also offer alternatives to gasoline, including diesel and CNG.

If you would like to have more information about the LowCAP project, please use the contact form provided here.