TMETC kids reveal their Car of the Future dreams

As part of Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC)'s 10th anniversary celebrations, in September, the children of TMETC employees were invited to take part in a drawing competition titled ‘Car of the Future 2025'.

Using a template provided by TMETC's Design team, the children were asked to draw what they'd like the car of the future to look like together with their top three wishes. Imagination was in abundance, with a wonderful variety of wishes including a car that could hover, a car that had sweet dispensers and a car that had several levels so that every one of the entrant's friends could sit with her.

Over 50 entries were received. Tiago Doisy (4) won the age 5 and under category, Anshula Hingwe (7) won age 6-10, Emily Tang (16) won age 11+, and a special commendation was given to Evie Woodall, who at two-years-old was the youngest participant. Evie submitted something that reminded our judges - Director and Head, Nick Fell and Head of Design, Pratap Bose - of a Pininfarina. The addition of a ‘Peppa Pig' TV screen made it uniquely Evie's design, though.

Thank you to all the children who took part.