TMETC showcases LowCAP demonstator at Future Powertrain Conference 2015

Following the success of its inaugural event in 2014, the Future Powertrain Conference (FPC) returned to the National Motorcycle Museum, Coventry, on 25th-26th February 2015. Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) chose the FPC as the platform for the first unveiling of its LowCAP (low cost auxiliary power unit) project demonstrator.

The LowCAP project is co-funded by Innovate UK and is a collaborative research between TMETC, Ashwoods Automotive and the University of Bath. The project is based on the adaptation of an existing Tata gasoline engine using maximum possible carryover of standard production parts and retaining full process compatibility with existing high-volume engine assembly facility. Generator technology and power electronics are being specially developed by Ashwoods to meet these requirements.

The FPC is a two-day event that aims to build even stronger links between academia and industry, with presentations and discussions on the solutions to the challenges faced by the automotive engineering industry in the UK and internationally over the next 10 years.

"The FPC is fast becoming a must-attend UK event within the automotive engineering industry, and we are keen to support it moving forward," said Dr Omar Hadded, Vice President - Commercial Operations and Marketing. "It was the right time for TMETC to showcase the LowCAP demonstrator on behalf of our project partners, and the FPC was the ideal event to do it."