Head of Powertrain, TMETC (UK) praised for patent inventions

Automotive innovation is a significant component in TMETC's Research & Development (R&D) footprint. Filing patents is an integral part of the business' continual commitment to progressing its future mobility technologies and protecting its advancements.

Head of Powertrain at TMETC (UK), Dr Salvio Chacko, was recently recognised by Tata Motors for his R&D work, having successfully filed three patents this year for the third consecutive year.

Specialising in advanced powertrain and low emission technologies, Dr Chacko has dedicated the past 20 years to Tata Motors.

The recent patents are:

Mark Johnson, director and head of TMETC, said, "Patents protect our advancements as we work to develop smarter and greener technologies for the constantly evolving automotive industry."

"Dr Chacko's work will have a direct impact on the future build and development of the Tata Motors vehicle range, and we are very pleased his innovative thinking and research has been recognised."