Low-cost auxiliary power unit to be exhibited by Tata Motors European Technical Centre integrated into an innovative range extender trailer concept from EP Tender

Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) is demonstrating a potential application of the LowCAP APU with the assistance of French start-up EP Tender. EP Tender is developing an on-demand range extender trailer to allow increased range for electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

"EVs are a must," explains Jean-Baptiste Segard, CEO of EP Tender. "If we can keep their battery at a reasonable weight and cost, meeting 98% of typical journey usage, we can satisfy the balance by using trailer-mounted energy modules (ICE, Fuel Cell, batteries, induction) in ‘on demand' mode. In this way, EV adoption can be accelerated significantly."

EP Tender is proposed as a range extending service for EVs. It takes the form of an auxiliary power unit (APU) mounted on a light trailer and rented occasionally on demand. The Tender provides an additional 70 kWh energy to the car while being driven and also allows fuelling within a few minutes. The Tender is easily attached to the car and is self-steering when reversing. Tenders would be rented on demand in the Tender'Lib network, which is accessible 24/7, and every 50 km.

"While we originally conceived the LowCAP APU as an integrated element of the vehicle drive system, this application is an interesting alternative that could allow existing EVs to use range extending technology," said David Hudson, Head of Advanced Engineering for TMETC. "We have been cooperating with the EP Tender team to share technical details of the LowCAP system and its application."

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Jean-Baptiste Segard - CEO, EP Tender
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