The TMETC design studio is one of three Tata Motors global design centres that together make up Tata Motors Design, the other two being Trilix Srl, located in Turin, Italy, and the Pune design studio in India.

The TMETC design studio plays a pivotal role in the creation of design concepts of future Tata Motors passenger vehicles, part of TMETC's role as Tata Motors' Advanced Product Creation Centre for the next generation of passenger vehicles.

Under the leadership of Pratap Bose, a London Royal College of Art alumnus and Head of Design for Tata Motors, Tata vehicle design has grown in stature and the design DNA of future Tata brand vehicles will be of world class standard.

In a recent interview with the PR agency for Tata in Europe, the FTI Group, Pratap Bose was asked: How has Tata Motors moved from using external design houses to having its own internal Design team?

He replied: "We had previously used the services of consultants in most areas of car development. The design function was also outsourced to specialist design agencies, mainly in the UK and Italy. However, more recently, we have been building and enhancing capacity and capability internally in most areas of vehicle development, and design is one of these.

"It is very important to be able to control the design output so that a consistent brand message is communicated to our customers through the exterior design and the interior design experience. The DNA of our products needs to be defined by us within the company, and we have come closer to doing this by using the Tata Motors design centres network in India, the UK and Italy. This doesn't mean that we won't use the services of consultants in the future; getting an outside perspective is always refreshing, and it keeps challenging our own internal teams."

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