Product Engineering

The Product Engineering function is TMETC's core engineering capability, having by far the largest headcount. The Advanced Engineering department is an essential part of the Engineering function to ensure that teams at different stages of the innovation chain are well integrated. Product Engineering includes the key engineering functions and departments for a full vehicle development capability, more specifically:

  • Packaging and Craftsmanship
  • Body, Trim and Lighting
  • Electrical and Energy Storage
  • Powertrain (Engines & Transmissions)
  • Vehicle Engineering and Hybrid
  • Vehicle Platforms
  • Vehicle Integration, which includes:
    • Chassis systems
    • Thermal systems and aerodynamics
    • Noise, vibration and harshness
    • Advanced Manufacturing

The Product Engineering departments work together with Design and Advanced Engineering to deliver projects in a matrix structure, which is linked to mirror organisations within Tata Motors and other customers.

TMETC has made significant investment in programme management skills, tools and processes that enable it to deliver projects using the TMETC Programme Management Process as well as bespoke processes, such as Tata Motors' New Product Introduction (NPI) or other customers' specific product delivery processes.

The technical skills and expertise in each engineering department are continuously updated through training and development, and TMETC's skills and capabilities are benchmarked against industry peers and standards.