Vehicle Engineering and Hybrid

TMETC's Vehicle Engineering department is responsible for the following advanced product creation activities:

Platform attribute engineering

To ensure that the attribute character is balanced with respect to the business needs of cost, quality and time, without compromising customer, regulatory and corporate requirements.

Vehicle evaluation and verification

To provide objective data by testing the prototype, concept or benchmark vehicles as per corporate and regulatory test standards and reporting the findings for detailed analysis and review by the relevant attribute leaders.

Benchmarking and vehicle management

To procure and maintain the benchmark fleet for testing and evaluation by all areas of the business.

Attribute process and methods

To set up and optimize the processes, standards and overall activities required to enable the Vehicle Engineering function to be fast, agile and future focused.

All elements of Vehicle Engineering are accountable and passionate towards providing customer focus within the business, driving fulfilment of customer needs with speed, agility and excellence.

Another key role within the department is the development of hybrid vehicle solutions, primarily to reduce emissions and meet future market fuel economy requirements. The department is responsible for guiding the high level Tata Motors hybrid strategy and ensuring the development of appropriate skills and knowledge within the group to deliver the strategy.

Evaluation of new technologies

Firstly through theoretical understanding then modelling of resulting vehicle benefits; typically engine downsizing with torque boost to maintain driver expectations, battery and power-electronics development, motor and control options, on-board electricity generation, sophisticated transmission options.

Engineering System Support

Ensuring traction, power distribution and conversion, and energy storage systems are selected and developed to give the best in-vehicle performance, robustness and value. Emphasis is on the total cost of function achievement within production vehicle scenarios.

Whole vehicle prove out

Supported by the TMETC workshop with considerable high-voltage vehicle build experience, the TMETC vehicle engineering and hybrid team has been involved with a number of whole vehicle concept prove out builds; including pure battery electric vehicles as a prelude to a UK demonstration fleet, Range Extended Electric Vehicle for control algorithm development and Fuel Cell demonstration vehicle.