Corporate sustainability

TMETC, in common with other Tata companies in the UK, recognises its responsibility to deliver corporate sustainability to its employees and to the business environment in which it operates, including its stakeholders, partners, affiliated companies and suppliers. TMETC has cherished the Tata tradition of corporate sustainability by endeavouring to work in the Tata way.

Whether it is trying to maximise the job satisfaction and general wellbeing of its employees, its relationship with key partners and affiliates, such as the Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick and Jaguar Land Rover, the numerous suppliers, some of whom have evolved and developed since TMETC has established itself as a serious engineering company in the West Midlands, or its relationship with local and central government bodies, such as the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce and Innovate UK, TMETC has taken its responsibilities seriously and thoughtfully and nurtured a win-win approach to all its business dealings.

TMETC has an objective to attract, develop and retain the best automotive talent to safeguard its future skills and capabilities. It strongly encourages continuous professional development and membership of the relevant professional institutions across all functions. In addition to fulfilling vocational training needs identified through the annual appraisal process, TMETC has a well-established policy of supporting up to 5% of its permanent workforce through degree courses by the payment of fees and providing study leave.

TMETC will continue to evolve its corporate sustainability to help Tata Motors and the Tata brand establish a footprint in the UK and in Europe that is based on trust and mutual care and respect for its employees and corporate partners.