Coventry Telegraph: Coventry's new automotive research centre handed £30m boost by Tata Motors

Tata Motors has confirmed plans to invest £30million in Coventry's new automotive research centre - signalling its commitment to long-term research and development in the UK.

The city's new National Automotive Innovation Campus, at the University of Warwick, will open in 2016 and will house around 1,000 world-class engineers and scientists. The £100m facility will include engineering, labs and powertrain facilities as well as virtual reality areas, design studios, demonstrations and education facilities.

The NAIC will receive £30m funding from Tata Motors European Technical Centre, alongside the support of its partners Jaguar Land Rover - which has pledged £50m to the scheme - WMG and the government's Higher Education Funding Council England.

Nick Fell, director and head of Tata Motors European Technical Centre, said: "We are delighted by Tata Motors' decision to invest in this superb facility, and by the trust in TMETC collaborative partners and the Tata Motors teams from this world class base."

The new facility aims to create a cutting edge collaborative research environment. It will bring academics together with researchers and engineers to deliver world class breakthrough products, processes and services.

Dr Tim Leverton, head of advanced engineering and product development for Tata Motors, added: "This investment constitutes the next step in Tata Motors' strategy to develop world class products for its global customers and TMETC plays a significant role in that plan.

"Our teams in India and in the UK complement each other in academic excellence and product experience, and we see the UK as a global hub for innovative and low carbon automotive technologies, which will benefit our customers."